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Who is Juliet Gauvin?

Juliet is originally from California. She is a true, hopeless, all-in romantic. Her first kiss was with a Frenchman in Paris, her first love was an Eagle Scout, her first crash and burn was with someone from Harvard (Jules studied history at Yale—she should have known better). When she isn't writing she can be found photographing landscapes, binge watching entire series on Netflix, or dancing the international cha cha.

She lives for the real magic in the world—it exists—in the form of an ancient building, a kind smile from a stranger, the inexplicable experiences that come from being in love, an erotic encounter with a gorgeous international stranger…

The Irish Cottage was inspired by Jules’ love for all things Irish. A love sparked in her teens by Riverdance; fanned into a flame when she befriended a group of Irish kids in France; and blazed into a wildfire by a visit to the Emerald Isle.

Earlier this year, an AncestryDNA test confirmed what Jules has suspected for a while: she’s a third Irish (one of her grandparents continues to be unknown but as luck would have it, the test divined that he must have been an Irish-Swede).

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