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Who is Barbara Miller?

Hello, I’m Barbara Miller, the author, self-publisher and creator behind the Lily Lemon Blossom children’s picture book series. I love writing children's books. Little ones have such a vast and vivid imagination, and often spend a lot of time playing in their imaginary world. Through the adventures of Lily Lemon Blossom, I get to show them a glimpse into the life of a little girl who lives in their imaginary world with them. And whose imagination is as flourishing as their own.

Barbara Miller's debut book, Lily Lemon Blossom “Welcome to Lily’s Room" begins the adventures of a fun-loving little 5 year old girl with a big heart. 'I’ve enjoyed creating such a wonderful character. Lily Lemon Blossom is such positive little person. A happy little girl who is always finding ways to make those around her happy too.' Barbara is currently working on a new collection of Lily Lemon Blossom books and comics. She is excited about the future and all that could be in store for Lily Lemon Blossom. Source:

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