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Who is Bart King?

Hi! Bart King here. I write funny and educational books for kids and immature adults. More importantly, I *love* to read.

I'm part of the Pulitzer Prize-winning team behind BAD DAD JOKES: THAT'S HOW EYE ROLL (2020). Of course, its illustrator, Jack Ohman, is the one who actually won that prize, but let's not get hung up on silly details.

I am now writing two Choose Your Own Adventure books coming. Coming in 2021 is a science fiction story called THE TIME TRAVEL INN. That will be followed by an espionage book called SPIES: MOE BERG.

My other projects include the activity books BUILDING, SPACE and ROBOTS (part of the Little Leonardo's MakerLab series, 2019) and THE POCKET GUIDE TO SPY STUFF.

Disney-Hyperion published my funny science fiction novel, THE DRAKE EQUATION. Some of its reviews:

“THE DRAKE EQUATION has a lot going for it. There’s an immensely likable protagonist and his marvelous twin friends, a school life that feels true —particularly the petty weirdness of other kids— and a mystery that really engages the reader. King tosses a lot of balls in the air, keeping the twists fast and furious, but thankfully, while the protagonist is suitably overwhelmed, the reader isn’t.”
—San Francisco Review of Books

"Librarians will find that young readers empathize with the young birdwatcher and his friends.... children will enjoy the school and friendship aspects of the story."
—Teacher Librarian Magazine

"Noah is a strong enough character to snag interest and keep it... there's clever humor and a great central protagonist to carry readers along to the end."
—Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books

"A clever sci-fi narrative with an enjoyable main character."

I'm also the perpetrator of lots of nonfiction books, including THE BIG BOOK OF SUPERHEROES, a humorous guide to becoming a superhero—and then dealing with it. And Oregon State University Press published AN ARCHITECTURAL GUIDEBOOK TO PORTLAND. (It's medium-sized!)

Finally, I taught middle school for many years. This was a wonderful experience, and I hope to recover from it soon. (I kid; it was the best job I've ever had.) Source:

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