Ark of Blood, An Arkane Thriller (Book 3)

Ark of Blood, An Arkane Thriller (Book 3) Summary

It is the seat of judgment. The pinnacle of holiness. It is the Ark of the Covenant… and it’s the most dangerous weapon in existence.

A group of fanatics wearing masks of Egypt’s gods slaughter the curator of Cairo’s most famous museum. A cleaner in Washington, DC, discovers a decapitated head on top of a replica of the Ark of the Covenant. And someone is sharing videos of the deaths with extremists all over the world. 
It’s a job too big — and too strange — for the normal authorities, but it’s right up the alley of ARKANE, the British agency tasked with investigating mysteries on the edge of the supernatural. 
Normally ARKANE would send its best agents: Morgan Sierra, ex-Israeli military and professor of psychology and religion; and Jake Timber, a man as mysterious as he is dangerous. 
But Jake is in a coma, nearly killed on a previous mission — so Morgan will have to go it alone. Because the death toll is rising, and there’s no time to wait.
In over her head, in constant danger. Pursued by vicious mercenaries bent on revenge, hunted by assassins willing to do anything for their cause. But Morgan can’t stop, because the Ark of the Covenant is the prize, and it may be more than a simple religious artifact. 
It may be the secret to ancient alchemy, and the unlocking of a scientific breakthrough that could save the world… or end it.
A mix of Raiders of the Lost Ark, James Bond, and The Da Vinci Code, Ark of Blood is a mesmerizing adventure by New York Times and USA Today bestselling author J.F. Penn. Grab your copy today, and get lost in the world of ARKANE!

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So so3 star

Great series so far, but this one was a bit dull compared to the rest35


Love this series!!!5 star

Kept me on the edge and could not wait to read them all. Great adventure55

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