Black Dog

Black Dog Summary

Stone Barrington must battle a nasty opponent in the latest action-packed thriller from the #1 New York Times bestselling author.

After returning home from a treacherous adventure, Stone Barrington is all too happy to settle back down in his New York City abode. But when he's introduced to a glamorous socialite with a staggering inheritance, Stone realizes his days are about to be anything but quiet. 
As it turns out, Stone's intriguing new companion has some surprisingly familiar ties and other far more sinister ones—including a nefarious enemy who gets too close for comfort. When it becomes clear that this miscreant will stop at nothing to get what he wants, and will endanger all whom Stone holds hear, Stone must step in to protect his friends and prevent a dangerous madman from wreaking havoc across the city. 

Book Reviews

springfield mayor

Black Dog1 star

This was a very disappointing addition to the Stone Barrington series. Stewart Woods must have had a ghost write it I have read every book in the series. This book does not compare to the usual quality. I guess they all can't be winners.15


It certainly is a dog.3 star

Not worth the time!35


Boring and predictable1 star

I believe I have read every one of the books by this author. This being the worst. Need some new ideas for this main character other than banging rich and beautiful women/widows. Same plot and same outcome.15


Stone Barington Books5 star

Can’t read them fast enough! Have loved every one!55


Stuart5 star

I’ll miss this series of books. RIP Stuart…and all the characters I’ve come to know and love…55


Not my favorite2 star

One of the things I like about these stories is that they take me everywhere! Plus I love that Stone is facing interesting characters. I found Jr. to be rather insipid and was glad when the story was done. 🙂they can’t all be home runs! Looking forward to the next.25

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