Flynn's Log 3: The Ultimate Form of Life

Flynn's Log 3: The Ultimate Form of Life Summary

FLYNN MUST FULFILL HIS DESTINY and connect the digital and physical worlds!
Stuck inside the digital game-world, Flynn faces a true crisis; what is real? Is his ultra-digital body more real than his physical body? What would it be like to stay in the digital world forever?
Flynn’s journey continues with his friends, but his true struggle is internal. He’s forgotten what it’s like to be physical. Will Flynn stay in the digital world or will he return to his physical body? What would you do? 

“Best book in the series! I thought it would be the end, but there is still another.”

“Definitely a good book. I can’t wait for the next one.”
-Kyle T Kisebach

“I’m so excited for the next one! Can’t believe Flynn would do such a stupid thing at the end…”
-Tanya Hagiwara

Book Reviews

Popsicle yum yum

Amazing Book!5 star

I have an addiction to this series! I love the suspense and betrayal! You never know what is going to happen. Please read this series!55

djs jfcjud

Um2 star



Flynn’s log 35 star

Loved the series but this is the best of them55

Joshua Nejdl

Flynn's log 35 star

I love the third book and I can't wait until the 4th book comes out for me to read!55

ColtonMyers 🌚😄😂🌝😳

Hi5 star

Hi I wish I could read books 2-4 because I loved book 1 and I live in The U.S.A and my street 63787 Stanley way thanks and I can't get it because it's a school iPad if you can send me the books I would be so happy.55



This book is awesome when I saw it I didn't know if I would like it but when I did read it I thought there was a 4th book but there wasn't do plz make a 4th one PLEASE55


The great book5 star

This is a great book series I love them I can't what for the 4 Flynn's log55



I LOVE THE BOOKS! I just finished the series. After the ending, I was shocked and couldn't wait until I got to read the 4th book. But once I realized there was no 4th one, I got soooo angry! PLZZZZ IM BEGGING YOU TO MAKE IT IM DIEING OVER HERE PLZZZZ! You make the best books ever, so PLZ don't let me down😩😖😓😫😞😭55

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