Hitler's Finger

Hitler's Finger Summary

An alcoholic historian goes missing

Is it a drunken bender?

Or something far more sinister?

Start reading this fast-paced semi-finalist from the 2018 Adventure Writers' Competition.  

It's 1988 and Sam Harris needs an escape. When her friend, historian Alfredo Vargas goes missing, she has the perfect excuse to get away.

Hidden in a remote mountain setting, a village's dark Nazi history has remained a secret for nearly 50 years. If Sam can't get there in time, Alfredo will be eliminated.

Can Sam blow the lid on the conspiracy before the Third Reich makes a devastating return?

Hitler's Finger is the second book in the riveting Sam Harris Adventure series. If you like female protagonists, complex twists and turns, and heart-pounding action, then you'll love PJ Skinner's thrilling novel.

Buy Hitler's Finger to take down some modern-day Nazis today!

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