Project StrikeForce: Exodus

Project StrikeForce: Exodus Summary

The Office of Threat Management watches over the world, but super-soldier John Frist is exhausted. When the OTM sends him to Switzerland, it seems too good to be true.

It is.

The OTM's contact has been murdered, and John and his teammates become the focus of a manhunt that forces them deep underground.

OTM Director Eric Wise suspects the hacking collective Digital Freedom Alliance might be behind it, but why would a group of hackers be so desperate to out a covert American military group? Unfortunately, Eric has more on his hands. Nancy Smith is determined to find her mother, even if it means killing and torturing Russian spies. And, if that's not enough, Senator Barbara Novak is hell bent on holding the OTM accountable.

Will the OTM find out who's really pulling the strings, or will an old threat plunge the world into all-out nuclear war?

Book Reviews

v Grove

Phew5 star

Not the type of book I normally read! It was an eye opener. I enjoyed the characters and the turns they took55


Project strike force exodus4 star

Page turning thriller. Good action and characters with suspenseful plot45


Project strike force exodus5 star

Page turner. Great characters55


Good read4 star

I enjoy this type of genre and this book fulfilled that promise. Hope there will be more to come45

Daisy Red

Project Strike Force/Exodus5 star

I’ve read all three of this series and looking forward to number four. Really enjoyed this series. I’m retired and avid reader.55

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