Unnatural Acts

Unnatural Acts Summary

In this action-packed thriller in Stuart Woods’s #1 New York Times bestselling series, Stone Barrington discovers that some jobs don’t pay…

When a hedge fund billionaire hires Stone Barrington to talk some sense into his wayward son, it seems like an easy enough job; no one knows the hidden sins and temptations of the ultra-wealthy better than Stone. But as Stone and his erstwhile protégé, Herbie Fisher, probe deeper into the case—and an old one comes back to haunt him—he realizes that even he may have underestimated just how far some people will go to cover up their crimes, and commit new ones.

Book Reviews

K9$$dog LoL

It was a quick read . Nothing out of ordinary. I would not recommend this book to anyone.3 star

See my recommendation.35

boots saddle

Unnatural Acts5 star

Very good Stone/Herbie yarn. Another five star Woods tale of life in the Big City. 👍55


Unnatural Acts3 star

I just can't get thru it. Slow reading.35


Unnatural Acts1 star

Stone Barrington meets Jerry Seinfeld - a book about nothing. I agree with others that this once entertaining series has been heading downhill for several installments. Woods writes as if his readers haven't read the previous books in the series. Names change, dead people are alive in the next book, character traits change dramatically overnight, Stone's child was born a girl in one book, then is a boy in all subsequent books, Arrington left her Bel-air estate to Stone in one book, to Peter in another. This one offers at least one new twist, Stone meets a beautiful woman that he doesn't bed in the first five minutes! And boy do these people drink! I imagine the final installment will have all the characters dying off from cirrhosis of the liver. Add to all this that the book is full of typos and one wonders if anyone is editing these. Woods is cranking these out about every four months, and it shows. Too bad.15

R&A Hutcheson

Inconsistency!1 star

WTH!?! He keeps changing the names of people from previous books and now he changed how the outcome of Arringtons Killer turned out? Very irritating! I wont be buying anymore books from this author as they just keep getting worse and he apparently has no decent proof readers, etc!15


Terrible1 star

I don't know why I wasted my money. I've read every book in the Stone series and they keep getting progressively worse. I'll never buy, or read, another one.15


Unnatural Acts3 star

Kept my suspense. Did no like the ending . Feel cheated.35

Michael Glick

They call this a book?1 star

The worst book I have ever read. Did an eighth grader write this? No plot, uninteresting characters, completely boring story. Do not waste your time. Whoever published this book should be fired.15


Unnatural acts1 star

Please find your story telling mojo again!15


Unnatural Acts5 star

I did enjoy the story. The end was riviting. I couldn't put the I-.pad down. "Well done"!55

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