Second Star

Second Star Summary

When the Betelgeuse message was detected, it changed a lot of things on Earth. We began to look seriously outward, not with the heady optimism of the early days, but with deliberate calculation. We knew that Someone was out there, and that eventually, they’d be coming. If Earth didn’t occupy the High Frontier, it could be ours to lose.

Esther “Star” Svensdotter’s job is overseeing the completion of the American Alliance’s first O’Neill cylinder — a massive space hab capable of supporting thousands of colonists. It’s just weeks away from commissioning, and she’ll be damned if Luddite terrorists, squabbling bureaucrats, military takeovers or rogue AIs will stand in the way. Frontier justice on Ellfive sometimes involves an airlock — you don’t want to be on the wrong side of justice. Or the wrong side of Star Svensdotter.

The first in Dana Stabenow’s Star Svensdotter trilogy, Second Star is a tale of first contact, declarations of independence, and new frontiers.

Book Reviews


Needs a good edit1 star

Used "gee" to represent gravity,while standard is "G". For example instead of "zero-g" it was "zero-gee." This simple fact made it hard for me to buy into any facts of the sci-fi story line. Protagonist is predictably antagonist like Kate S. series.15


Second star5 star

I Really enjoyed loosing myself in this futuristic story. It had all the elements of probing your conscious -ness to open up to the realities of Space and yet came with a love story filled with sentiment and caring. I really loved the fact that Ms Stebenow didn't have to resort to horror and gore to keep me entertained.55

Gail Gjb

Review of novel " Second Star"4 star

This was a fine book. The characters were in 3D. Though sometimes , not often, it got into to much detail. All together tho it was a fine read.45

Savvy granny 28

Second Star5 star

This is an actual sci-fi story. Lots of scientific info, not the fantasy aspect of so many stories. The character development is thorough. The space station of the "future" sounds quite feasible. An enjoyable read.55


Boring2 star

Took too long to explain the background of the story. Exciting parts were not until three quarters of the way through the book.25

Rambling Belle

Second Star4 star

I remember that joy of life's hope that Robert Heinlein always gave me. With Second Star I felt some of that as I read. Thanks for the read. I purchased the next books & can't wait to start reading them!45


Second star2 star

The character names where are not easy to understand. Which makes it difficult to keep up with who's who. If your from another country it may be easier. Stopped reading it half way through. It was to confusing . Hope you have better luck.25


Second Star5 star

Yes, it is free, but it did grab me and I will spring the bucks to read more. Love the references to people and things that were long forgotten. A good read. A glossary might be helpful to define a few terms about which iPad was in the dark. I was not familiar with DS's work... Second Star was a lucky find. G Hoff 1/23/1255


It's free...2 star

... But it didn't grab me at all.25

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