Never Too Late

Never Too Late Summary

Brothers David, Vince and Erik, have their own set of difficulties to overcome. David is well respected but he has one major drawback, a dark side that he keeps hidden. Vince a club owner cannot commit or be faithful to just one woman. And Erik, his life begins going down the wrong path of heavy drinking and partying after discovering his girlfriend is cheating on him.
Will the brothers reevaluate the way they are living and begins the process of making changes for the better. Or will tragedy force a powerful change into their life as they experience life’s ups and downs as choices are made.

Book Reviews

Cinnamon pecan

😒3 star

I really expected more and the ending was horrible its like the ending was the middle of the book! Hope there's a part two!35


Never too Late3 star

I was really enjoying this ebook until the ending. What happened to the other characters. Is there another book I need to purchase????35


Never Too Late3 star

Great read!35


Never to late4 star

This short novel had a little twist and turns but was good. It should have a sequel because there are some unfinished business in the story.45

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