No Matter What

No Matter What Summary

JaylenJaylen Miller finally figured out that the woman he wants to spend the rest of his life with is Jessica, who's been his best friend and mother to his two daughters. Too bad she doesn't feel the same way. After Jaylen had denied being the father of their youngest daughter, Jessica swore off men and any future romantic relationships. Will Jaylen be able to get her to remember why she fell in love with him in the first place? Or will her ex-boyfriend be able to come back into her life and take her away for good?JessicaShe's finally set and able to get her life together even if she does have to temporarily live with her baby's father until she can afford to move out. However, as the days pass by and the two of them get closer once again will see even want to leave? But that's not even her biggest problem. Jessica swears see's being stocked by an ex-lover who's out for a bit of payback of his own.Will these two make it to the end to finally get their happily-ever-after? No Matter What will take you into their home, experience every emotion they feel, and have you thinking about this book long after you've read it.  

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Review4 star

Love these books! Caught my attention enough to buy every single one and read them everyday. I would rate a 5 if it had a little more action to it, sometimes it was boring, but great job overall.45


Too many grammar errors3 star

Enjoyed the series but there were so many grammar errors in ALL the books. I couldn’t believe how they weren’t caught before publishing.35


Worth It!5 star

This series is so sweet, keeps you on your toes because you believe you know how the narrative will go but of course you have to keep reading to be sure. Each chapter, each book allows you to dive deeper into love, innocence, and life.55


Very addictive!5 star

I got so entangled in this story and these characters! Great story line.55


Great series!5 star

I love it! It was crazy, sensational, James is out his ever lovin mind! I am so glad it ended the way it did. Malcom and Malta are perfect for each other. Wrote another series! I couldn’t put it down!55


No matter what5 star

This was the best book hands down. I loved everything about this book.55

Kaileb I

Great Read4 star

Lots of grammatical errors but the story itself was great45


Love!!5 star

I need more! I loved every single one!!55

H for Happy

Wow5 star

Worth the time to read! Come take a journey with the best friends! I laughed, cried and cheered throughout this entire series! Well done!55

Déjà Renée

I could not STOPPPP!5 star

This serious was so amazing and never had a dull moment I loved them all and looking forward to reading Malcolm and Kayla’s series!!! Thank you!55

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