So Deep in My Feelings 2: A Hood Love Tale

So Deep in My Feelings 2: A Hood Love Tale Summary

With the loss of her brother and then Self being killed right in front of her, Cioni is starting to feel like she might be the one under attack. With a new baby on the way, she is ready to spark things back up with Ledge, but the only problem is, things have changed drastically for him. He is deep in the game, and no one around him wants to see him make it to the top. But as long as the two of them have love, nothing or no one will stop them right? 

Madden has moved on with her new boo and ready to start her new life. Things are perfect, but her old meddling ways eventually comes back to haunt her. She is no longer letting things slide and is out to get those whom she felt has gotten her. Soon, she realizes that she might be in over her head..

Book Reviews


Great5 star

Great book55


Loveddd!!!5 star

Literally loved everything about this book.55


Good read5 star

I really enjoyed this55


MUST READ!!5 star

I brought this book last night after reading part 1 in a day! I just finished part 2 and I must say it didn’t disappoint. A page turner from the very beginning! I was invested in each character’s story from beginning to end! I would definitely recommend!55


Great book5 star

This was sooo good love the ending !! That bihhh madden crazyyyy I cudnt believe she did that lol55


Interesting twists3 star

I enjoyed reading the second part of this book.. a lot of twists and surprises. I do feel it was a little rushed, but it was a nice read to say the least.35


Good book!!5 star

It’s hard to put down. Reading this book beats watching a movie.55

Minajs Sister

Perfect5 star



I am obsessed5 star

I love this book I read it like 3 times I’m just obsessed55


A must read!!5 star

I loved the book it was the bomb!! Read the first one & buy the second you won’t regret it!55

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