Indian Wars in North Carolina

Indian Wars in North Carolina Summary

This study covers the history of conflicts between European settlers and Native American tribes which inhabited the territory of North Carolina. This history book provides information on the land of the Indians, the tribes, and wars fought between the local tribes and pilgrims of French and English descent for the period of one century.
The Land of the Indians
The Indians of North Carolina
Early Indian Wars 1663‑1711
The Tuscarora War; The Barnwell Expedition 1711‑1712
The Tuscarora War; The Moore Expedition 1712‑1715
The Yamassee and Cheraw Wars 1715‑1718
The Decline of the Coastal Plain Indians 1718‑1750
The Catawba Indians of the Piedmont Plateau
The Cherokee Indians of the Western Mountains
The French and Indian War
The Cherokee War; the Beginning
The Cherokee War; the End
The End of a Century

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