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This is Not a Fashion Story Summary

A revealing (in more ways than one) tell-all from Long Island girl-turned-international fashion influencer, designer, CEO, and tech entrepreneur Danielle Bernstein, the creative genius behind the hit style platform @WeWoreWhat.
Danielle Bernstein spent her youth shopping at discount department stores, getting boozy in suburban backyards and proposing marriage to every boy she dated. By age nineteen, she was a college dropout living in a West Village shoebox with three roommates and only six months to prove that her blog, @WeWoreWhat, could become a full blown career… or else board the train back to her mom's house.

Flash forward ten years. Danielle is more than a famed influencer with over two million followers. She's also a bonafide business woman—a CEO, tech founder and fashion designer whose living a dream lifestyle that includes all-expense-paid luxury travel to Paris and Positano, skipping the velvet rope, and controlling her own destiny.

Despite these successes, Danielle has never been your typical play-by-the-rules fashionista. She disrupted the fashion industry using her own playbook—one that she's finally ready to share with you, her readers.

This Is Not A Fashion Story is the down and dirty tale of how a Long Island-born teenager became one of the most recognizable names in fashion. It's a story that proves success isn't about a college degree or how rich your parents are. It's about trusting your gut, knowing when to take risks and fighting to get what you want in life, love and business. But above all it's the story of how a young girl made in the concrete jungle that is New York City—and how you can too.

WARNING: This book contains multiple references to Bernstein's wild, romantic and hilarious sex life. She apologizes in advance.

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Painful1 star

Aside from the book having a lot of grammatical mistakes and also being terribly written I cringed the entire time. I almost regret even bothering to finish. For starters, this book was filled with cliches and too many comparisons to Sex and the City, which had me rolling my eyes every other page. On top of that, this book was a self obsessed ego filled nightmare. She complains not understanding how someone with her followers and influence has never been invited to a Paris Fashion week Chanel, Dior or Chloé show and why they wouldn't want her "duh" (they must be idiots not to invite her apparently). She also has the audacity to think or hope that a publicist from Chanel might read this trash and offer her an invite, which she would also give up her dogs for. She also contemplated if designing a department store collection with Macy's would prevent her from getting invited to a Chanel show. I literally hope she never gets invited to a Chanel show. She discusses influencer trips and how glamorous they usually are minus the one she skipped out on to stay in a 5 star luxury suite and ends the book saying no matter how many thousand dollar dresses she buys she is still that teen shopping at Macy's.15


Read the entire thing in three hours5 star

The writing and stories were personable, and honestly it was a great read! Thank you for sharing all these fun lessons!55


Still confused as to the point1 star

Super cringey tell all from a self absorbed blogger who somehow doesn’t think she’s self absorbed. Waste of time15


Highly Recommend5 star

So relatable, honest and real!!! Finished this book in two days. Absolutely loved it!!!55


Don’t meet your heroes-or read their books1 star

I’d be ridiculously embarrassed to put something like this out. Riddled with spelling errors and grammar mistakes, cliches and stories not book worthy. A huge disappointment as she’s someone I’ve genuinely looked up to- not any more.15


Honestly a bit cringe-worthy1 star

I wanted to like this book and give it a fair chance. I finished the book in under a few hours, hoping it would get better with each chapter. Unfortunately that was not the case and the entire book was cringeworthy.15


It’s fine3 star

I’m gonna be honest, I didn’t go into this book thinking it would be the best book I’ve ever read. It serves its purpose. By purpose I mean it gives insight into what it’s like to be in your twenties in nyc, figuring out your life, beginning your career, and dating. I don’t go to DB for her literary talents, but I do go to her looking for inspiration for style and living in the city. I think what she’s built is really impressive and it was interesting to read how she’s been able to do so as a twenty something. It was good, not great.35


Honest and Funny5 star

I’ve followed Danielle since 2013 and have always looked up to her. I was truly excited to read this and it sure did not disappoint. I could not put it down and read it in 4 hours. It was great to learn the reasoning behind her different endeavors and lessons she could provide to young entrepreneurs. I’m truly excited to see what she does next.55

Alyssa Arminio

Not my favorite3 star

But a sweet story.35


incredible5 star

WOW!! read it in 4 hours. what a journey and amazing stories at that; it truly felt like i was watching a movie!55

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