101 Fun Facts About the Planets

101 Fun Facts About the Planets Summary

Was Mercury bigger in the past?
How did Venus change the way people saw the world?
What is happening to Mount Everest, the highest place on Earth?
Does Mars have seasons?
Is there a surface to the planet Jupiter?
Who discovered Saturn’s rings?
What is strange about the way Uranus spins?
What is the coldest place in our solar system? (Hint: It isn’t the planet,)

Learn the answer to these questions and many more fun facts in this group of eight 15-Minute Books. The planets of our solar system have many strange and wonderful things about them. Surprise your friends, and even your parents with these fun facts.

This compilation includes the following 15-minute books:
14 Fun Facts About Mercury
14 Fun Facts About Venus
14 Fun Facts About Earth
14 Fun Facts About Mars
14 Fun Facts About Jupiter
14 Fun Facts About Saturn
14 Fun Facts About Uranus
14 Fun Facts About Neptune

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