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Josiah Blake Tidwell's superb study of the Holy Bible offers an informed, organized and synoptic account of both the Old and New Testament.

The text begins with a series of studies which in themselves act as guidance for proficiency in Bible scholarship. The various names and institutions crucial to Christianity, the names through which God is represented, and the manner in which the holy scripture is divided, is discussed in a fluent and engaging manner.

Although offering but a brief and condensed synopsis of Biblical events, this text is graced with the skill of the author. Much of the Bible's essential spirit and lessons are preserved, that the reader can gain a strong impression of the messages of each book. How each book connects to others is discussed, while the relevant parts and lessons are effectively mapped in an arranged list. Finally, the author offers his recommendations for closer study.

After reading through this text, the Bible student will emerge confident of their ability to progress in their scholarly efforts to understand and appreciate the Good Book. Christians in general will also profit from the methodical but comprehensive way the author tackles the Bible from start to finish.

The author was a professor of theology at Baylor University in Texas. Publishing several books designed to make Biblical scholarship accessible for Christians, Josiah Tidwell was a much-appreciated educator who was held with the highest respect by students and colleagues alike; a building in his name was commissioned and made shortly after his death.

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