Holy Bible

Holy Bible Summary

The term red letter edition is used to describe Bibles in which words spoken by Jesus, commonly only while he was on the Earth, are printed in red ink.

Old Testament: 

*1 Samuel 
*2 Samuel 
*1 Kings 
*2 Kings 
*1 Chronicles 
*2 Chronicles 
*Solomon's Song 

New Testament: 

*St Matthew 
*St Mark 
*St Luke 
*St John 
*The Acts 
*1 Corinthians 
*2 Corinthians 
*1 Thessalonians 
*2 Thessalonians 
*1 Timothy 
*2 Timothy 
*1 Peter 
*2 Peter 
*1 John 
*2 John 
*3 John 

Book Reviews


Added material that is not needed.2 star

From Genesis to Revelation I found no issues. Then I went to the end and found additional books. These books are not what I consider needed or wanted in my pursuit of living a christian life. I take the Holy Bible that has 39 books in the OT and 27 books in the NT to be what we are supposed to have. Not additions to add confusion on a already finished book. This may be acceptable to some denominations. It is not for me.25


FLEE5 star

It's a great book55

Far ear

The jaguar stones . Middle world3 star

Is it a good book Yes are no35

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