Webster's American English Dictionary (with pronunciation guides)

Webster's American English Dictionary (with pronunciation guides) Summary

A comprehensive dictionary of American English comprising over 50,000 references with clear, up-to-date and accurate numbered definitions. It contains a specially commissioned, spelled-out pronunciation guide and concise dictionary that make this a very accessible dictionary for all ages.

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Missing common words!1 star

I purchased this to use as an “official” source when playing Scrabble with family, rather than having everyone consult various online sources. After downloading and opening it, I noticed it was essentially featureless other than a table of contents and the word entries, but that’s fine for $5. I used it for the first time today, searching for the word “aghast”. It’s not in there. It’s in any proper dictionary you’ll find, but not here. In disbelief I scrolled through a few pages in the ‘A’ section and it’s clear that this dictionary is missing numerous words. What’s the point of producing and selling a dictionary that contains a fraction of the words in our language? Don’t waste your money. Google is easier, complete, and free.15


Can’t search for words while on page of different page2 star



50,000 references2 star

disappointed in book the first two words i looked up after buying were not even listed i wouldnt recommend. i have a paperback webster’s with 60,000+words wish they had that on e-book maybe i didnt look hard enough.25

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