Autobiography of a Yogi (Complete Edition)

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Autobiography of a Yogi is at once a beautifully written account of an exceptional life and a profound introduction to the ancient science of Yoga and its time-honored tradition of meditation. Profoundly inspiring, it is at the same time vastly entertaining, warmly humorous and filled with extraordinary personages. With engaging candor, eloquence, and wit, Paramahansa Yogananda tells the inspiring chronicle of his life: the experiences of his remarkable childhood, encounters with many saints and sages during his youthful search throughout India for an illumined teacher, ten years of training in the hermitage of a revered yoga master, and the thirty years that he lived and taught in America. Also recorded here are his meetings with Mahatma Gandhi, Rabindranath Tagore, Luther Burbank, the Catholic stigmatist Therese Neumann, and other celebrated spiritual personalities of East and West. The author clearly explains the subtle but definite laws behind both the ordinary events of everyday life and the extraordinary events commonly termed miracles. His absorbing life story becomes the background for a penetrating and unforgettable look at the ultimate mysteries of human existence. 
Selected as "One of the 100 Best Spiritual Books of the Twentieth Century", Autobiography of a Yogi has been translated into more than 30 languages, and is regarded worldwide as a classic of religious literature. Several million copies have been sold, and it continues to appear on best-seller lists after more than sixty consecutive years in print. Self-Realization Fellowship's editions, and none others, include extensive material added by the author after the first edition was published, including a final chapter on the closing years of his life.

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Divinity5 star

The very best thing in my life 🕉🙏🏻✝️🌟 The one thing Steve Jobs shared with the world upon his passing. The fulfillment of the promise of Christ to send the Comforter, and his teachings united with those of Krishna and Yoga. God, God, God!55

HH 💕

Life changing5 star

Having little to no knowledge of Yogananda I stumbled along this book after reading several books by contemporaries on staying present. I read it in one weekend and have been talking about it since. I recommend to all. I can’t express enough how it’s changed my perspective. It’s opened my heart again to a spiritual realm I had completely written off as nonsense. Even if you read it as fiction (it is a magic carpet ride) you will benefit from its timeless wisdom. I downloaded both the audio and written versions. Both are great. I recommend SRF versions.55


Best book I have ever came across!5 star

The whole book, from start to finish is amazing. Great to know the Eastern spirituality and their teachings. We are very grateful to Yogananda’s lineages of Guru who wanted to teach the Kriya Yoga to the masses and not just confined to the limited people.55


Completely surprised5 star

I’ve seen this book over the years but never thought it would interest me. At the urging of a friend I bought it and I am completely blown away by the deep spiritual truths, amazing story telling, humor and incredible writing skills of Yoganada. I’m a midwestern white woman who was raised Catholic. Anyone who’s intersted in the histroy of religion, yoga and spirituality will love this book.55


Divine5 star

An artifact of a true master with otherworldly experience.55


A must read for those seeking God5 star

After stumbling upon this book I soon realized it was by no accident. Circumstances in my life had led me to seek God about how to deal with them, as I had done for the last 36 years. This time God's response was different. He was determined to draw me closer to him than ever before, and to change my way of seeing and dealing with him and my life concerns and life in general. He wanted me to know his loving ways towards me and all his creation, his sweet expressions of himself all around. The encounter and reading of this book is a small but critical part of this leg of my spiritual journey. And if you're seeking a closeness with God, wanting to hear his voice and learn from him, this book will give you insight and direction. My spiritual expression through my Judaic-Christian points of view have not been challenged by this book. Instead, I've found a deeper understanding and an appreciation for the foundational aspects of my religion. Read it and be blessed.55


A Bridge Between Earth and Heaven5 star

What a transformative, uplifting, enigmatic and practical guide to quite simply achieve self-realization and God consciousness. Simply profound and immensley enjoyable!55


One of a kind book!5 star

Anyone who is on a spiritual path, must read this book! IT is life changing55

JJ bbghtf

Inspired. Beautiful. A must.5 star

Finally the real version of an inspired work written by a man who knew truth through spirituality very personally and deeply. This book goes beyond ordinary spiritual writing and is sure to interest the novice to the constant practitioner of any spiritual path. I cannot recommend this book enough! A must read.55


Wonderful Book5 star

Notwithstanding the fact that saying “it changed my life” is overused, this book absolutely changed my life. Am delighted that the authorized edition is available as an e-book.55

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Autobiography of a Yogi


Autobiography of a Yogi
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Autobiography of a Yogi


Autobiography of a Yogi
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