Boys in the Trees

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Carly Simon's New York Times bestselling memoir, Boys in the Trees, reveals her remarkable life, beginning with her storied childhood as the third daughter of Richard L. Simon, the co-founder of publishing giant Simon & Schuster, her musical debut as half of The Simon Sisters performing folk songs with her sister Lucy in Greenwich Village, to a meteoric solo career that would result in 13 top 40 hits, including the #1 song "You're So Vain." She was the first artist in history to win a Grammy Award, an Academy Award and a Golden Globe Award, for her song "Let the River Run" from the movie Working Girl.

The memoir recalls a childhood enriched by music and culture, but also one shrouded in secrets that would eventually tear her family apart. Simon brilliantly captures moments of creative inspiration, the sparks of songs, and the stories behind writing "Anticipation" and "We Have No Secrets" among many others. Romantic entanglements with some of the most famous men of the day fueled her confessional lyrics, as well as the unraveling of her storybook marriage to James Taylor.

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Awesome Memoir!5 star

Being born during the time that Carly Simon and all of these other great musicians were around it was amazing reading her story. It gave me new appreciation for her music.55



Although I have followed you and James for many years, I feel this memoir was a true acknowledgement of your true love for James . I am sure there are fans better then myself, but feel I am right up there. Meeting James in person in Fort Myers, (winter hang out), stopping into your store at Vinyard Haven that you and your friend, own and purchasing your Children's book for me nieces kid. This trip was made by myself and my Boston Terrier, Flyod, in 2016. I rode the shuttle bus around the island, and met your drummers son. How cool was that? My wife laughed how I spent this weekend, while she was have a three week vacations with her friends in Fort Myers. Heading back on the ferry to Harwich port, I think I based you getting off the ferry. That would have been neat to say hi.hope you get this review, I truly loved Boys in the Trees. Fan for ever: Jim Tanner🌹 .55


Very well written. I couldn't put it down5 star

I really loved this book. It was very well written and I found myself running late for appointments because I was unable to put it down. Very insightful look into live, depression and anxiety. I've always felt envious of the life of the King and Queen of 70s Rock and empathize with the demons they struggle with, the same ones mNy if us do. I guess not many are spared. I hope there is a follow up book that covers the time period after James Taylor to present. There is something fascinating about Carly Simon. She gives me strength.55

Coto jeff

Interesting Read4 star

Loved everything about Ms. Simons book except the end. I wish she would have taken through where she is today. Maybe a book two? If not for that I would have offered another star. Thanks for all the entertainment over the years! You are a true diamond.45

Niki Spencer

Boys in the Trees5 star

I really enjoyed and appreciated Carly Simon's writing. She's an interesting girl with a deep mind and a tender loving heart... I only wished she could love herself as much as she loved the others.55


Boys in trees2 star

Boring boring boring.25


Very Real5 star

I enjoyed this book so much, even though "sometimes I wish that I never knew some of the secrets of yours." I found myself hoping that in the end Carly and James got back together and true love prevailed, even though I knew that didn't happen. It's a page turner, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is a fan of hers.55


Well written and a page turner5 star

FUN read, and well written with plenty of everything. Full of information that goes way beyond who ”you’re so vain” is about…This woman is amazing really. The people who came across her path is astounding.55


Pity her2 star

Only halfway through this book and all I can feel is pity for someone with such a terrible childhood who seems to have searched her whole life for some kind of validation. Was there no one she met who she didn't sleep with? How lucky she was to not have contracted HIV or some other STD. And what a terrible role model for young teens. One can only hope that as she ages she develops some self worth.25

Florida Food Maven

Gutsy, Honest Memoir5 star

If Carly Simon and James Taylor were the background music of your life in the 1970s, you will find this book quite riveting. I found it difficult to turn off the light each night. Simon writes beautifully and isn't afraid to "let it all hang out." Her description of the first night she slept with Taylor was as good as any D.H. Lawrence novel; I had to re-read the passage several times.55

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