Dear Baseball Gods: A Memoir

Dear Baseball Gods: A Memoir Summary

Dear Baseball Gods,

He hustled and worked hard, played the game the right way. Why did this happen? It wasn’t fair.

Dan sat by a tree, staring at the ground trying to decide what he would do next. The doctor had just explained that everything he worked for was now ruined. A second Tommy John surgery? Does anyone come back from that? What team would want an injury-prone right-hander?

A Story About a Ballplayer

He had been through a lot already. Beginning as a walk-on in college, Dan had to earn everything. Pitching on three hours sleep, living in the clubhouse, playing for a team that collapsed mid-season, fighting through more arm pain than any kid should.

He had to keep going, so he took a deep breath and gathered up his strength. His story had a special ending…he just knew it.

A Story About Identity

Years later, he was finally forced to hang up his cleats. The next morning, Dan looked in the mirror and didn’t recognize the man peering back. If no longer a ballplayer...what would he do? What had been the point of all of it? Who was he?

A Deeper Account of the Game

In this philosophical memoir by former pro baseball player Dan Blewett, you'll find out that the pinstripes don't wash off so easily.

The Baseball Gods never made it easy…and maybe that was the point.

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