Dixieland Delight

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There is no college ball more passionate and competitive than football in the Southeastern Conference, where seven of the twelve schools boast stadiums bigger than any in the NFL and 6.5 million fans hit the road every year to hoot and holler their teams to victory.

In September 2006, popular sports columnist and lifelong University of Tennessee fan Clay Travis set out on his "Dixieland Delight Tour." Without a single map, hotel reservation, or game ticket, he began an 8,000-mile journey through the beating heart of the Southland. As Travis toured the SEC, he immersed himself in the bizarre game-day rituals of the common fan, brazenly dancing with the chancellor's wife at a Vanderbilt frat party, hanging with University of Florida demigod quarterback Tim Tebow, and abandoning himself totally to the ribald intensity and religious fervor of SEC football. Dixieland Delight is Travis's hilarious, loving, irreverent, and endlessly entertaining chronicle of a season of ironic excess in a world that goes a little crazy on football Saturdays.

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Dixieland Delight1 star

So basically just took the idea from Warren St John?15


Awesome!!!4 star

This book was great! I've been to a couple different stadiums outside of Vandy's and Clay catches the atmosphere perfectly. I enjoyed the lists, ruminations, and overall joy for SEC football. There is no better sport or place than the SEC.45


Great read for fans of college football5 star

Loved the book.55


Great5 star

Could not put this book down. Great for college football fans.55

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