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“A close look at how show business power corrupts . . . The dishiest read of the year.” – Janet Maslin, “Ten Favorite Books of the Year,” New York Times
“Here’s Johnny!” Probably everyone in America knows the phrase, whether they watched every episode of The Tonight Show or none because they had to go to bed early on school nights. From 1962 to 1992, Johnny Carson and his Tonight Show dominated the American consciousness.

Henry Bushkin was Carson’s best friend and lawyer during that period, and his book is a tautly rendered and remarkably nuanced portrait of Carson, revealing not only how he truly was, but why. Bushkin explains why Carson, a voracious (and very talented) womanizer, felt he always had to be married; why he couldn’t visit his son in the hospital and wouldn’t attend his mother’s funeral; and much more. Johnny Carson is by turns shocking, poignant, and uproarious — written with a novelist’s eye for detail, a screenwriter’s ear for dialogue, and a knack for comic timing that Carson himself would relish.

“A fascinating book about a complex man.” — Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

“Like The Tonight Show, the book has many a merry moment . . . [Johnny Carson] was also one of a kind, and is missed. This book brings a bit of him back.” — St. Louis Post-Dispatch

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Not a fascinating life3 star

While I grew up with the tonight show, and enjoyed his jokes...his life didn’t make the impact I hoped may have existed. I’m not sure what I expected here. Johnny’s life just wasn’t that interesting to me. It’s a well written book, but of biographies, which I love, Johnny just doesn’t have the value I hoped for.35

Bun Brrabbid Lop

Johnny Carson5 star

By Henry Bushkin. I love this insightful book! By his lawyer and friend. Kept my interest throughout the true stories! 🐰🐰🐰🐰🐰55


Johnny Carson4 star

I thought the book was great. I've seen many criticisms for Henry writing this book but I see no problem with it. I'm still very entertained from watching old Carson clips knowing Johnny wasn't a perfect person. Learning of things that went on behind the scenes was very interesting.45


Interesting and very light reading3 star

Found the book interesting in that it tells the complex story of one man whom everyone knows from one perspective. A quick read.35


The mysterious Mr Carson4 star

This is a good read, which really revealed the complex life of a TV legend. It shows the trials and tribulations of a difficult man, ending in his sad death.45


Entertaining read3 star

Going into this I really only knew who Johnny Carson was and what show he was on/ hosted. I loved how the book was written and that it's from the perspective of his lawyer and longtime friend who saw and heard pretty much everything. I love a lot of the celebrities from the duration Carson was on the tonight show so it was entertaining to learn of interactions between the stars and the politics that go on in show biz.35

Zebra hunter

Good read5 star

A good read. And another story that reinforces that money will not bring you happiness....55


Johnny Carson5 star

I truly enjoyed reading this biography about Johnny Carson. Seeing his life through the words of the only person that probably knew him better than he did himself was funny,sad, and unbelievable informative. I found my self laughing,crying,angry and sometimes disappointed in Johnny. Thank you For a great story. I would recommend this to anyone that wants to know about Johnny Carson55

Joan C, H.

Fascinating5 star

I watched Johnny Carson the first and last night he appeared on the Tonight Show and as many shows as possible in between. This book was a fascinating, up-close report of what made the man tick. I recommend this book to anyone who was a regular Tonight Show fan.55

Beav joe

Nice read4 star

I enjoyed the book and appreciate the honesty of all the story's. It brought back lots of TV memories. Being from Houston, I'd like to know who miss Texas was and it is a small world, I new the Keogh kids from grade school and didn't know they had a connection to Johnny.45

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