Leonardo Da Vinci: Engineering and Inventions

Leonardo Da Vinci: Engineering and Inventions Summary

An artist, scientist, engineer, visionary and all-round genius, Leonardo Da Vinci (1452–1519) was arguably the main figure of the Renaissance.
This project shows on no account a scientific investigation. Its aims are: first to provide a best possible overview about the work of Leonardo da Vinci and secondly to optimize the digitalized art work this means to show a maximum number of the original drawings with a preferable low loss of quality.
Table of contents:
I.  Leonardo da Vinci - the Inventor
II. The Leonardo Timeline
III. Engineering
          Self-propelled car
          Mud-extracting dredge
          Printing press
          Oil press
          Vertical drill
          Crane with an annular platform  
IV. Military engeneering
         Lances, clubs and other weapons
         Giant crossbow
         Study for four balistae
         Reaping wagons and tank 
         Artillery Park/Arsenal         
V.  Flight
         Wing study
         Flying airship
         Crossbow motor for the flying machina
         Aerial Screw Helicopter         

Contens: with fully interactive table of contens

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