Love Is the Cure

Love Is the Cure Summary

A deeply personal account of Elton John's life during the era of AIDS and an inspiring call to action.

In the 1980s, Elton John saw friend after friend, loved one after loved one, perish needlessly from AIDS. He befriended Ryan White, a young Indiana boy ostracized because of his HIV infection. Ryan's inspiring life and devastating death led Elton to two realizations: His own life was a mess. And he had to do something to help stop the AIDS crisis.

Since then, Elton has dedicated himself to overcoming the plague and the stigma of AIDS. The Elton John AIDS Foundation has raised and donated $275 million to date to fighting the disease worldwide. Love Is the Cure includes stories of Elton's close friendships with Ryan White, Freddie Mercury, Princess Diana, Elizabeth Taylor, and others, and the story of the Elton John AIDS Foundation.

Sales of Love Is the Cure benefit the Elton John AIDS Foundation.

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Mediocre at best3 star

Like I said-----mediocre at best. Kind of boring and it seems so self-centered and egomaniacal. I'm proud of EJ for his contribution to fight AIDS but why write this book?35


An amazing book by an amazing man5 star

I did not know Sir Elton had written this book until I saw it for sale as an e-book, I immediately purchased Love Is The Cure and haven't been able to out it down. Not only is it written by an incredible man, but it relates a story that everyone needs to hear. HIV is an epidemic that must be beaten. Much still needs to be done, and one of the most important changes that needs to occur is erasing the stigma that the illness still carries. Each of us can do our part to bring about a change simply by learning about HIV and challenging anyone who still believes the terrible lies spread about the disease to do the same. Thank you Sir Elton for writing this book and for singing the world Your Song.55


Amazing!!!5 star

To jedi1922. You need to back it up dear, he was a kid. He had no control over what happened to him, yet he still went through the whole thing wanting to go to school, smiling, and never complaining. Rather he had been gay or not is irrelevant and none of your business. This book is amazing and touching. And what little bit I did read made me tear up. I will be buying this tomorrow when it goes on sale. I have been a lifelong fan of Sir Elton John and have been fortune enough to see him life more than once and shake his hand. He was there when nobody else was. He gave this family the emotional support they needed and never abandoned them. He rushed back after a concert and was there with him as he passed away. True compassion. Something you obviously can't see and I'm sorry that your so blinded to it, because it is a beautiful thing. So, ask yourself... If you had a blood transfusion and contracted AIDS would you want to be treated the way your treating others at this very moment?55


Don't be a hater5 star

I remember when Ryan white, an innocent teenager who was, by the way NOT gay or bisexual contracted aids through a blood transfusion. His community for the most part ran his family out of town by their hatred and misinformation, much like the other reviewer (and I use that term very loosely) would have probably done. So many big name stars came to back him, Michael Jackson being one of them. But you know what I remember the most? When the press had their fill of the story and the family was once again alone in their struggle and grief guess who stayed behind, manning the phones and answering the mail. Yep, Elton John did. He wasn't there to be in the public eye to say 'look at me and how much I care'. He was there for the RIGHT reasons. He knew Ryan and his family needed the support so he stayed behind to help. Yes, I have always been a fan of his from the get go, being one of the lucky ones to have met him. To make a long story short he came out of his hotel one St. Patrick's day to meet myself and my friends who had been waiting all day, but at the wrong entrance to the hotel just because he cared. We gave him flowers which he took with gratitude and thanked us all while the parade was passing by (how I miss my home town of NYC!). Elton is a big hearted guy, to the Ryan Whites in this world right down to the fans who he could have ignored. If there is a God may he bless him and see that he has spent his life giving back to those in need.55


Bigoted much?5 star

@JEDI1992: Your bigotry has blinded you to the relevance of this book to so many topics, including health. This kid died as a result of a blood transfusion, not gay sex. Pray that God forgives your willingness to abandon what Jesus taught us.55

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