Not All Diamonds and Rosé

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“I like to think of Not All Diamonds and Rosé as the ultimate reunion. I know readers will be surprised, entertained, and even shocked at what’s in store." - Andy Cohen

Dave Quinn's Not All Diamonds and Rosé is the definitive oral history of the hit television franchise, from its unlikely start in the gated communities of Orange County to the pop culture behemoth it has become—spanning nine cities, hundreds of cast members, and millions of fans.

What is it really like to be a housewife? We all want to know, but only the women we love to watch and the people who make the show have the whole story. Well, listen in close, because they’re about to tell all.

Nearly all the wives, producers, and network executives, as well as Andy Cohen himself, are on the record, unfiltered and unvarnished about what it really takes to have a tagline. This is your VIP pass to the lives behind the glam squads, testimonials, and tabloid feuds.

Life’s not all diamonds and rosé, but the truth is so much better, isn’t it?

Includes Color Photographs

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Amazing insight for Bravoholics!5 star

This book is a must read if you’re a housewives fanatic! Dave interviewed pretty much all the housewives from every franchise as well as the principle crew that had a hand in the show behind the scenes. Highly recommend for those who want to hear how these shows are casted and the decisions going into when housewives don’t return.55


This was a pretty enjoyable read.5 star

This goes to show that there is no way you can catch every moment on TV. There is so much occurring behind the scenes.55


Loved it!5 star

If you are a true Housewives fan, then you will love this behind the scenes view of the housewives.55


Love it!5 star

As an avid watcher, I do feel like a lot of the content was taken from the ladies’ season confessionals. JS 🤷🏻‍♂️ would have enjoyed more NEW tea.55


Super fun read!5 star

Loved it, this was a great, light, fun book. I liked learning about the backstage drama of some of the most iconic pop-culture moments of my time. Very well written, very good job keeping the housewives on target when telling their story55


All the best behind the scenes secrets!5 star

Loved it!! Have been following Dave for a long time and could not have thought of anyone better to tell this story. Finished it so quickly!!! A must read for any housewives fans!55


Great Read!5 star

Couldn’t put it down read it every chance I could.55


Obsessed! Highly recommend!5 star

Was not able to put this book down! I love the interview style format. I love the raw and real ness behind every housewife.55

matty crowns

Great read but structurally a little inconsistent4 star

Loved it, and flew through it. A lot of hot tea, yet I was wanting more at times. Some parts felt super long, and at times unnecessary- like the RHOC chapter- while others felt a little rushed and could’ve used more commentary and more behind the scenes— like the RHONY chapter. Certain housewives felt like they were talked about at length, while others were mentioned once or twice and then somewhat skipped over. Great read though, and way better than Boylan’s 100%! Recommended for any housewives fan!45


Bravo Bravo Bravo5 star

Great read. So many behind the scenes facts! Nice to hear the production/truth to it all. Also how fun going down memory lane. Some of the things mentioned I had forgotten about. Buy it!55

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