Same Kind of Different As Me

Same Kind of Different As Me Summary

A critically acclaimed #1 New York Times best-seller with more than one million copies in print! Now a major motion picture. Gritty with pain, betrayal, and brutality, this incredible true story also shines with an unexpected, life-changing love.

Meet Denver, raised under plantation-style slavery in Louisiana until he escaped the “Man” in the 1960’s by hopping a train. Untrusting, uneducated, and violent, he spends 18 years on the streets of Dallas and Fort Worth.

Meet Ron Hall, a self-made millionaire in the world of high-priced deals—an international arts dealer who moves between upscale New York galleries and celebrities.

It seems unlikely that these two men would meet under normal circumstances, but when Deborah Hall, Ron's wife, meets Denver, she sees him through God's eyes of compassion. When Deborah is diagnosed with cancer, she charges Ron with the mission of helping Denver.

From this request, an extraordinary friendship forms between Denver and Ron, changing them both forever. A tale told in two unique voices, Same Kind of Different as Me weaves two completely different life experiences into one common journey. There is pain and laughter, doubt and tears, and in the end a triumphal story that readers will never forget.

Continue this story of friendship in What Difference Do It Make?: Stories of Hope and Healing, available now. Same Kind of Different as Me also is available in Spanish.

Book Reviews

Dawns review of app

Read this book! You won’t be disappointed.5 star

I am sad it is over!55


Same kind of different as me4 star

I was not expecting all the biblical references. The book was too ‘godly’ for my tastes.45


Amazing story5 star

God’s power is always amazing and this book really tells the story of how he works through people. We all just need to listen... Grab the box of tissues while you are reading, you will definitely need them.55

B. Stockdale

A Blessing!!5 star

One of my close friends recommended this book and the first half of the book was setting everything up and giving you background before the second half of it. This book was a blessing and I would recommend it to anyone!55

Thompson Ogbe

Amazing5 star

I read this book while in high school and I deeply fell in love with it. I never really understood much in the book the first time, then I said I will have to read it for the second time. After the second time of reading it, I can clearly say that now I grasp everything about the book. I don’t really have much to say, but to say that my life had been turned around. I now see things differently and that includes people no matter who they’re. Above all, God is good and I am thankful for that reason.55


Same Kind of Different As Me5 star

Wonderful read! The type of faith we should all strive for. Gut wrenching and difficult at times but a must read.55


Tearjerker5 star

At first I felt the story was starting out slow and wasn't sure where it was going. Something told me I should stick with it and I'm sure glad I did. This is a story chock full of lessons and wisdom I'm sure will stick with me forever.55


Amazing!5 star

Same Kind of different will be one that I will not forget about for a long time.55


God is Good5 star

I read this book in 3 days, which is fast for me. I loved the story and the Lord's presence. I plan in getting involved, as I live only 30 min from FW. Thank you.55


Same Kind of Different Like Me5 star

This book challenges you to think about what it truly means to be a follower of Christ, and how we are all connected in mission. Great read.55

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