2 Second Lean - 2nd Edition

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2 Second Lean - 2nd Edition is the "New & Improved" version. It's all about "Continuous Improvement.". It’s a practical way to improve your life every day by making a simple 2 second improvement. Join author, business expert, radio show host, and international speaker, Paul A. Akers, as he takes you on a LEAN journey that will transform every aspect your life... from your home to the office.

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Lean book is Lean!

Lean book written in a Lean style5 star

Paul's book is a quick and highly valuable read that's easy to understand, also providing great examples. I highly recommend getting the e-version so you can most effectively watch the videos as you go. That's Lean! In fact, the thing I enjoyed most was the Lean style the book was written in, putting it's on advice into practice and not wasting any of the reader's time. Paul did an excellent job getting me excited about Lean, and more importantly, getting me STARTED!55


Wow5 star

Wow great job Paul! I really enjoy how you set this book up. It is so intuitive, even the kids can understand it. When my friend first lent it to me I thought "what is lean again?" I read it cover to cover twice before I gave it back then... I bought this iBooks version and the audio to. Just for your information I don't really care when you go off script on the audiobook to give such great information! Thank you for good incites on lean, you are sooooo smart!55


David Cardenas5 star

I barely got to chapter 3 before ordering 20 copies to give away at work. It was like Christmas to give these away; when it is said that "it is better to give than receive" they were right. This is exactly what Paul has done by pouring his life into those who work for him and by giving the world this great book. Paul has hit the heart of lean spot on by giving great examples of how anyone can make improvements at home and work. Secondly, Paul has said it well - that it is all about investing in the lives of others and giving them the right tools, encouragement and time to make improvements by tapping into everyone's creativity so they can contribute and be proud of it - truly this is living lean! The benefits are numerous and the results of focussing on the right things, results in raving fans and exceptional products. A few days later and I have already ordered 20 more; even FastCap's ordering system is first class with exceptional service and delivery. I appreciate all the examples and the many things that Paul has freely given us to use from the FastCap web site. This book is a great gift from FastCap to the world - Thanks Paul!55

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