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From the New York Times bestselling author of The Total Money Makeoverand radio and podcast host Dave Ramsey comes an informative guide based on how he grew a successful, multimillion dollar company from a card table in his living room.

Your company is only as strong as your leaders. These are the men and women doing battle daily beneath the banner that is your brand. Are they courageous or indecisive? Are they serving a motivated team or managing employees? Are they valued?

Your team will never grow beyond you, so here’s another question to consider—are you growing? Whether you’re sitting at the CEO’s desk, the middle manager’s cubicle, or a card table in your living-room-based start-up, EntreLeadership provides the practical, step-by-step guidance to grow your business where you want it to go. Dave Ramsey opens up his championship playbook for business to show you how to:

-Inspire your team to take ownership and love what they do
-Unify your team and get rid of all gossip
-Handle money to set your business up for success
-Reach every goal you set
-And much, much more!

EntreLeadershipis a one-stop guide filled with accessible advice for businesses and leaders to ensure success even through the toughest of times.

Book Reviews

Charlie Henning

A must have5 star

Such a great book. It's like daves having a conversation directly with you! Anyone that has a business,wants to start one or even holds a management position should read this book! You will learn a lot and grow not only as a business but a person and most importantly a entreleader!55

Indy Ramirez aka Chacho

Owner of unitedcolorspainting5 star

I really like the book I will change the structure of my company, I will change employees by team Members. Great book. Great Input. God bless you mr. Dave Ramsey55


Interesting, but...3 star

Dave Ramsey is my idol on financial issues, being on baby step 4 myself - but that's another book. There were very interesting, very "Dave" stories throughout the book, but I found it to be a tough read. I guess if I owned a business, it could solve a few problems and would be very interesting - maybe life changing. One thing I learned is that I probably wouldn't want to work for Dave. I can see that the book has potential. It illuminates one of my favorite radio rock stars a little better, but all I can give is a three. If you own a business, maybe you'd give it a 4 or even a 5.35


Must Read5 star

I just finished this book. I have owned my own business 15 years and wished i read it 15 years ago. My education continues with this book, a must read for anyone that has employees. I don't read many books twice, but this is one that i will read many times and enjoy the common sense it brings. Thanks to Dave Ramsey.55


Nuts and Bolts Inspirational Manual for Business Owners5 star

This is my first experience with Dave Ramsey and I am thoroughly impressed. He literally takes you through every step of starting and running a business successfully, with a combination of practicality, humor and a sprinkling of spirituality. As a (very) small business owner, it is a relief to have things spelled out in a non-thoretical way. As he says, this is the playbook for his business, laid out. (I was so impressed I had to check out his actual business, and downloaded his other book, The Total Money Makeover. Another winner.) Dave is a Christian and he admits up front the he runs his business and finances based on biblical teachings, but he only alludes this very occasionally. Solid, inspirational, practical business audiobook. And formatted by chapter, hallelujah! Why aren't all audiobooks formatted like this?55


Dave Ramsey in print5 star

Reading this book was just like having Dave Ramsey personally tell you the story. This is a great book with great guidelines.55


Stealing5 star

I haven't read the book yet, but to get Dave's thoughts on Entrepreneurship, Small Business, & Leadership for only $10.99 is stealing.55

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