Forming Alliances

Forming Alliances Summary

Simpler may be better: Don’t waste time on complex partnerships when simpler alliances can be more effective. In Forming Alliances, authors Hoskins and Angelica help you understand and strategically form alliances that work at a lower level of intensity. This concise guide will help you: recognize the wide range of ways that you can work with others; decide what kind of alliance you should create given your circumstances and needs; plan and start an alliance; and strengthen an existing alliance. Step-by-step guidance: Forming Alliances gives you concrete action steps, practical worksheets, and samples to help you succeed. Plus, you’ll get troubleshooting advice and an in-depth look at two problems that often derail alliances a mismatched structure or relationship difficulties among the partners. Use this guide to unlock the potential of alliances and create them at the level of complexity that suits your goals and no more.

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