Meridco Magnesium: International Technology Transfer

Meridco Magnesium: International Technology Transfer Summary

Meridco Magnesium is an international automotive parts supplier of magnesium die-cast components with manufacturing plants in Canada, the United States and France. The company has a strong market position in North America; however, two out of the three plants are not performing well. The vice-president of the company's Global Technologies Organization division believes the weaker performance in the two plants is due to resistance to technological innovations. He must determine the reasons for this resistance and develop a plan to resolve the weak performance in the plants before the upcoming annual board meeting. Three supplements further discuss the issues each of the plants have with new technology. Meridco Magnesium: The French Perspective, product 9B01M007; Meridco Magnesium: The Canadian Perspective, product 9B01M008, and Meridco Magnesium: The American Perspective, product 9B01M009.

AWARD WINNING CASE - This case was a winner at the AIB Case Competition, Academy of International Business, 2001 and first place winner of the 2001 Indiana University Center for International Business Education and Research (IUCIBER) International Case Competition.

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