Stock Market Investing

Stock Market Investing Summary

**This is a Quick and Basic Guide to Stock Market Investing – For Beginners**

When you get into investing in the stock market, remain calm and don’t let news and advices panic you. If you let your emotions take over, you may make mistakes that are counter to your basic plans. This book will show you how the stock market works and the factors that affect your success in choosing stocks.

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Book Reviews

JFG 316

A basic overview.4 star

This book gives you an all around basic knowledge of investing without diving too deep in any one particular aspect.45


This book lossless1 star

I had read this book, didn't give a lot information I can make money with stock market. I believe this book only for basic information or people uneducated because tells a lot of things we already know. We need big tips for making money not something already know it. We need to know how the when can I invented my money in a good time, how I know the stock market will gonna dropped. I lost my time and my money for reading stupid book....15

Dj Dominox

Basic but useful for beginners.4 star

Really basic on information, good introduction to penny stock and building grounds. Interesting and useful look back if your new to the market it does not go into DAQ and high risk/high profit.45


excellent5 star

it gives me the basic information to get started. thanks55

That Guy Mau

Plain and simple5 star

First book that got me interested on investing stocks. Thank you for the easy read.55


Just what I needed4 star

Basics for someone just starting it answered many questions Thanks45


Thanks5 star

Great for the very beginner such as myself. Wish there was a continuation of this book.55


Basics3 star

It's a good book to read for starters and curious soon-to-be millionaires! :)35


Really helpful4 star

Really covers most of the basics about investing in the market. Really wish it were longer.45

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