Repurpose Your Life : Master The Seven Works The Key To Creating Conscious Change and Working Your Why

Repurpose Your Life : Master The Seven Works The Key To Creating Conscious Change and Working Your Why Summary

Sick and tired of the endless, meaningless drudgery?

Are you done with the relentless Busy Work that consumes your days, evenings, and weekends?

Crave space, time, flexibility, and freedom to do the Real Work you want to do when you want to do it?

Longing to spend more time with your family and friends?

Without being, thinking, and feeling like you should be elsewhere, working all the hours God sends?

Life without purpose, no matter how much money you have, robbed of time, energy, and enthusiasm to embrace the inherent magnificent glory of it, is no life at all.

Get to the subtle root of Why the life you're following is not your own.

The Seven Works is a simple, flexible work-life-change blueprint tailored to your unique life context and life content. It shows you how to lead the way to do more of what you love and less of what you don't with significantly reduced inner and outer life conflict.

Master it and you'll enjoy the time, energy, clarity, passion, and motivation to always do what matters to you most, spiritually, personally, at home with family, at work, and in your business.

In Repurpose Your Life you'll learn how to:
Eliminate stress, anxiety and overwhelmSynchronise your life's work to serve youMake time to change your lifeAchieve more by doing lessFocus on what matters to you mostBe more productive, efficient and effectiveStop procrastination for goodConsistently reach your goalsStep beyond work-life balance conflictNurture greater peace of mind and bodySupercharge your decision-making abilityEnjoy more time and space to be creativeIncrease your clarity, confidence, and creative freedomMaintain a creative state of flow no matter what's happeningOvercome that 'I don't know what to do with my life' problemIncrease your clarity, confidence, freedomKnow your purpose in life and the momentBecome increasingly more purpose-driven in lifeNavigate transformational change like a ninjaWork on your life instead of just in itImprove and deepen your relationshipsConnect to your self and your Real Work

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