An Introduction to Catholic Ethics

An Introduction to Catholic Ethics Summary

This book introduces students to the fundamentals of Catholic moral theology. By presenting testimony from the lives of great Christians and many of the key concepts that inform the Catholic approach to morality, this book provides a framework for making authentic Christian choices.
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Book Reviews


Annoying and pretentious1 star

The whole book has a "better than thou" type of attitude. 1/10 not only because I had to read it for school15

Cardinal Richeliu

Cardinal Sin2 star

The reviews of this piece of literature are mostly true, by definition, true... true. By decree of the students' royal court, the highest of the high justice systems, we decree this as not ideal. I hereby humbly request that this piece of literature be defrocked, as the noblest Cardinal Theodore McCarick was. By the decree of the second highest, jcfinsta, thou shalt stay in purgatory. Pope Weinstein and jc may not be fullest in their intentions, for they are very nepotist in nature. Nepotism between them has caused a Great Schism between Archduke FranzzzzZ FerdinandeR and the Visigoth/Ostrogoths of the Middle Tribes. The middle Tribes, as a fine mississippi man once put it bluntly, may be orthopratic. Orthopraxy has a place in our society, as this piece of literature may presume. As a great man once said, "I am the danger." This book is dangerous. Books are dangerous, we must spread this news, this good news, this gospel. Horse will between the bars, of course. A cohort will ensue. Mississagua is the birthplace of Boombl4, but the civilar war ukraine is the residencyyyy of stewie2k, kennyS, and Boombl4. The council will decide this literature's fate. This is God's country.25


Straight Cheeks1 star

The premice of this book is based on heresy. Simply terrible. Do not purchase or Cardinal Theodore Edgar McCarick will defrock you.15

Red Bastine

Teacher of Theology and Philosophy5 star

In my 21 years of teaching high school theology and philosophy in a Jesuit institution, I’ve only found one textbook (I much prefer primary texts) I truly liked and it’s An Intro to Catholic Ethics. Longtin and Peach do an excellent job providing an accessible resource for students to understand the relationship between secular and Catholic ethics. They confront relativism as the chief obstacle to studying ethics and give appropriate credit to Aristotle, Kant, and the Utilitarians in shaping questions of virtue, intent and circumstances in the grand picture of human life. I would like to see a bit more enthusiasm for the difference the Catholic perspective makes. Nevertheless, the authors appreciate the nuance and deep connections Catholics make to secular thinkers. After all, what would Aquinas be without Aristotle? Readers will not find a “Catholics are completely right and secular thinkers are completely wrong” vibe coursing throughout the text. Instead, one finds important interplay and influence from secular thinkers without concluding ethics are merely personal opinion.55


Terrible1 star

This book is boring never have a student read this15


The single worst piece of literature I have ever read1 star

Simply terrible.15

Ryan Lawlor

5 star


Dunker hob

Bad. Just not good.1 star

Riddled with hard to read sentences that my fourth grade brother could’ve written better. Information is not organized well.15


-4 star



Hey5 star


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