Anxious for Nothing

Anxious for Nothing Summary

Does the uncertainty and chaos of life keep you up at night? Is irrational anxiety your constant companion? Let God help you win the war on worry and receive the lasting peace of Christ.

We all encounter anxiety, but we don’t have to let worry and fear control our lives. Anxious for Nothing, from New York Times bestselling author, Max Lucado, provides a roadmap for battling with and healing from anxiety. Anxious for Nothing invites readers to delve into Philippians 4:6-7—the most highlighted passage of any book on the planet according to Amazon—

“Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.”

In this book, Max will help you:
Celebrate God’s goodnessAsk God for helpLeave your concerns with GodMeditate on good things
Stop letting anxiety rule the day. Join Max on the journey to true freedom and experience more joy, clarity, physical renewal, and contentment by the power of the Holy Spirit. 

Book Reviews


So helpful5 star

I have loved this book. 2020 brought so many new challenges and this book has given me such practical spiritual, emotional and mental exercises to be anxious for nothing!55


“Anxious for Nothing”5 star

I like his book because it is about worshipping, praising, thanking and praying the Lord for His peace. He encourages us to focus on what is true, what is right, what is noble, what is pure, and what is honorable instead of feeling anxious and worrying about things that God will take care of. The author has a lot of wisdom to help us to look up at Him and pray to keep in peace. He has different examples of different things to help us understand how we get peace through our situations. The author helped me to realize the verses to help me find more how Jesus went through the Passover and on the way to the Mount of Olives. When we feel stressful, we know the Lord is our Shepherd! Holly55

Karly C.

Anxious For Nothing5 star

Max Lucado is a phenomenal author. I believe he is one of the most gifted authors on the planet! His book “ Anxious For Nothing” is so inspiring! I have highlighted much of it for future reference. When I feel stressed, I pick up his book and then meditate on the truth he presents. It brings me back into balance, provides perspective and restores hopefulness. He is a masterful writer, gifted by God. This book is nothing less than a masterpiece!55


Anxious for Nothing1 star

I wish I could get my money back! No offense didn’t realize how religious this book is. I didn’t understand hardly any of it and had to stop reading. I felt more anxious reading a few chapters cause I was confused.15


Absolutely life-changing5 star

Best book I’ve ever read. Hands down. Well written and backed by scripture. Any reader could (and should) read this book.55

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