On July 18, 2007 the author read a story in the New York Daily News about the man in Romania, serving 20 years for murder, who had Sued God in 2005, for: ‘Failing to Protect him from all evil and Save him from the devil’. The court threw out the case in mid-July 2007, because they “could not subpoena God and that God had no address.” In another development, a Senator from Nebraska filed a law suit against God! This time, this Nebraska Senator asked a Nebraska District Court to “Order the Almighty and His followers to stop making Terrorist Threats!” These stories gave the author the Inspiration to write this book in an attempt to answer some nagging questions! 

Hence the author answers such questions that arise from these stories – such as: Has God ‘Failed to protect man from all evil?’ Has God ‘Failed to SAVE man from the devil?’ Does ‘God have an address?’ ‘Can man Subpoena God?’ & ‘Can man file a law suit against God?’ The reader will discover in the process; what God had already done for man, and why we can’t Sue God, but can indeed Subpoena God! Find out how!

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