The Baptist Story

The Baptist Story Summary

The Baptist Story is a story of struggle and triumph, victory and heartbreak. There have always existed, although sometimes in the most remote regions, those who sought to maintain pure New Testament practice in the face of all adversity. These believers were a simple people who led a simple life, and who sought to adhere to the simple, primitive practices of the New Testament. For their adherence to the simple truths of God’s precious Word, these Godly saints suffered banishment, imprisonment, persecution, some even suffering death by fire and sword. Their persecutions were sanctioned by the pagan religious establishments of that day. But these saints endured because “they loved not their lives unto the death.” They counted the truth of God’s Word more precious than family, friends, and their very lives.

This excellent work, which is a series of sermons based upon The Trail of Blood by the revered J. M. Carroll, presents in a simple, enlightening, and easy to read fashion, the story of these precious souls who lived pure lives and died for the simple truths which are often taken advantage of today.

Baptists of today need to become more aware of the struggles borne by their forefathers and the premium price paid for the maintenance of New Testament truth. Just as we owe the military soldiers a debt for the sacrifices they have made for the cause of personal freedom, so we owe an even greater debt to the soldiers of the cross who suffered and gave their lives to secure our religious freedom, which is taken for granted today.

We present this book with the hope that it will be used to make God’s people aware of their glorious past. We pray that the all-wise God will see fit to use this work to once again enlighten His people and to give them the courage to stand for the truths contained in His precious Word.

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