The Daily Devotional Series: Psalm, Volume 2

The Daily Devotional Series: Psalm, Volume 2 Summary

Songs and poetry are forms of expressing and communicating the emotions we are truly feeling. The book of Psalm in the Bible is no exception. Full of hope and dreams, disappointments and anger, this book holds the words of people who have felt all of life’s raw emotions. Because of this, the book of Psalm has often been a place for people throughout the ages to turn in the midst of the difficulties of life. Kristi Burchfiel continues The Daily Devotional Series with her signature devotional style. These books are designed to provide each day with a quick and simple devotion that can be read in less than 5 minutes. The devotionals focus on one truth from the Bible that a person can take with them, think about, and apply all day long. Each devotional includes the verse from the Bible, a truth from that verse, and a response to pray back to God. The second of three volumes over the book of Psalm, The Daily Devotional Series: Psalm, volume 2, includes an introduction to the series, a brief background over the book of Psalm as a whole, a more detailed background over the section of Psalm that is covered in this volume. This book picks up where The Daily Devotional Series: Psalm, volume 1 left off and continues through the middle section of Psalm. Enjoy taking one devotional a day, working your way through the book of Psalm as part of the Daily Devotional Series and enjoy God's truths from His word.

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