Teacher and Five Idiots

Teacher and Five Idiots Summary

The idiots

In a remote small town, there was a single private preparatory school. All city students joined it; it is easy to reach it.
While the next school is faraway, need transportation to reach it.
All the students hated this school, but they forced to join it.
Therefore, they attitudinize stupid behaviors. If the teachers explain a lesson, they say we did not understand many things. If the teachers asked them, a homemade they refuse to do it, arguing that the homemade is difficult and they unable to resolve it. If the teachers asked them a question, they say we did not find time to get the answer. They were always stirring up riots inside the class to prevent teachers from explaining the lessons.
Five students consider them self the leader of the students. Mahmoud and Hassoun are grade 7 students. Atif and Rabiee are grade 8 students. Samir is grade 9 student. They call themselves (the five idiots) and they encourage students to continue stupid behaviors to relinquish studying and spend all their time playing. All teachers failed to reform these behaviors. At the end of the first semester, all students attended a final examination. As a logical consequence, the results were no one succeed.
Therefore, all the teachers went to the owner of the school explained to him the bad situation of the students and told him that they apologize for continuing to teaching at this school. Thus, the school became without teachers or headmaster.
The local learning management sent an ultimatum to the owner if the school are unable to provide teachers within a week, they will close the school and transferee all the students to a distant school.
The owner of the school announced the need for many teachers. All teachers refuse to return.
Only, one recently graduated young teacher accept teaching in this school.
The second semester started and only one teacher is present at the school .so, all the students know that the local learning management will close the school after one week, because there is only one teacher no more

In the morning of the first day of the second semester, all students, including the five idiots attended the morning assembly.
During the assembly, Samir one of the five idiots said sarcastically, "This teacher will not tolerate more than one day and will leave the school."
In addition, Atif one of the five idiots said with confidence: "How one person can teaches all subjects for all stages, he cannot, he will fail."
Hassoun, one of the five idiots, said laughing,
"He will not tolerate the stupidity of the students."
Rabiee, one of the five idiots, said:
"We'll take a long passed because of the lack of teachers."
Mahmoud, one of the five idiots, said
"There are no teachers and no lessons, what is required, is to seek what will we play?"
At eight o'clock, the school day began. All students in the school attended the morning assembly, only one teacher was present.
He introduced himself to the students
"My name is Mr. Hussein."
He told the students, "Today is the first day of the second semester. It is unreasonable on the first day to burden you with lessons and duties. I will explain one lesson for all the school."
He displayed a large poster to film (Titanic).
He asked the students:
"Do you know the name of this movie?"
The students said:
"Of course this is the famous movie of the ship (Titanic)."
The professor said:
"And what happened to the ship?"
The students said:
"It sank in the ocean, sir."
The professor said:
"The lesson ended and you can go to your homes. However, there is a homework
Each student is required to write the date of the sinking of the ship (Titanic). "
All the students was surprised about what happened in the first day of the school, only naive lesson for three minutes. Moreover, the required homework is extremely naive.
The students came out of school and they do not believe what happened. All students started launched jokes

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