The Art of War

The Art of War Summary

Sun Tzu's masterclass in military strategy is one of the primary texts of students of warfare that has influenced not just warfare but thinking on matters as diverse as office politics and corporate planning.

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Good book4 star

I’m not sure if this is the original text, but regardless, it’s worth a read. It preaches patience, critical thinking, and introverted thinking. Good book.45


The Art of War by Sun Tzu3 star

I thought this book was as quick read with some valuable practical information. I wish it referenced historical dates. It was translated well, but not sure if it’s the original text of Sun Tzu.35

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Good5 star

Good read55


Great Book5 star

I enjoyed this book!55


Success5 star

I attribute a lot of my personal success to this book - this translation is wonderful , this book will guide you through life , this and proverbs in the bible is all you need to be cunning and able for any situation or confrontation .55

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Excellent5 star

An amazing read. I recommend this for anyone, be it management in civilian jobs, politics, military, and even gaming.55


A Great Read5 star

This book is fabulous! My main point of reading it was to intuitively grab strategies for my life, and professional political reasons. Take the time to read this!!55

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