The Pursuit of God

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Amazing as expected5 star

It's incredible how a man who died 20 years before I was born could speak such powerful words that I need today. I've always heard about Him but never read any books. First I started with wigglesworth, then Lewis, now this. Wow. I love that this book gives the foundation of what we are called to do and why. Then it gives practical information about how to respond to that calling. I'm going to read it again so I don't miss anything.55


An Excellent Read5 star

This book was truly inspiring, well thought out, and inspirational. This is the first book I've read from Tozer and it moved me to read even more of his work. This book brought me a very real sense of longing to draw closer to Christ, and great practical advice on how to do so. Highly recommended to all Christians who have been in the faith for some time and looking to go deeper in their relationship with Him. May be overwhelming and wordy to the very young or very new to the faith.55


Insight into God is timeless5 star

In a time where fast food and quick fixes are the norm, it is still inherent in the human soul and spirit that truth, peace and balance is what ultimate is the price sought. It only seems that there are many suggestions and techniques espoused to accomplish this without trying. Can you really plant tacos with all the trimming in your backyard if you buy the right seed, pay the right person to say the right words? It take honesty, courage and valid self evaluation to find peace, God, balance and spiritual satisfaction. Tower has some timeless and valuable insight of a mature person that lived out his life without fear of failure before got. The worldly societal pressures did not affect his pursuit of joy and Honorably spirit in utter lack of worldly pressures.55

Pastor Reggie

the Pursuit of God5 star

This work stands among the Christian classics; alongside Mere Christianity and Practicing the Presence of God, as being a landmark in my personal walk of faith. Such works bear fruit in our lives to the end that we, in living out their truths, become a source of blessing to others. I thank God for Dr. Tozer.55


Great inspirational book5 star

Easy to read. Wish I had read it years ago.55


Take your Christian walk to the next level5 star

Tozer will show you how to do so, in simple language that will convict, motivate and challenge you. If you're hungry for more of Christ, look here. Tozer wrote this book in one night on a train from the east coast to Chicago, and the power of his words still resonates today with Christians who are sick of settling for less in life. Outstanding book!55


Rich Christian Classic5 star

This book has had a profound impact on me and my view of the church today. With the author's high opinion of God and thorough examination of scripture one can't help but be changed for the better for having read this wonderful book.55

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