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The instant New York Times bestseller

Remarkable lessons in leadership and team building from one of the greatest football coaches of our time.

Urban Meyer has established himself as one of the elite in the annals of his sport, having lead his players to three national championships. In Above the Line, he offers readers his unparalleled insights into leadership, team building, and the keys to empowering people to achieve things they might never have thought possible. Meyer shares his groundbreaking game plan—the game plan followed every day in the Ohio State Buckeyes’ championship season—for creating a culture of success built on trust and a commitment to a common purpose. Packed with real life examples from Meyer’s storied career, Above the Line delivers wisdom and inspiration for taking control and turning setbacks into victories for a team, a family, or a Fortune 500 company.

Book Reviews

Len McKnatt

Good stuff5 star

I’ve never been a huge Urban Meyer fan but this book has definitely changed my perspective. Great read.55

Mr. Belford

👍5 star

Excellent book. I definitely recommend it. Very relevant as a teacher and coach!55


Awesome5 star

Great for aspiring leaders55


Good Read4 star

This was a good read. I learned a lot about what it takes to put a championship team together.45


Great book that reiterates champion-oriented decisions in all avenues of life4 star

Just as my title depicts, Coach Meyers reflects on what type of an attitude it takes to become and remain a champion, not just in football/sports, but in careers, family life, spiritual growth, etc.... He admits his faults, why they were faults, how he fixed them, and as a young 20s man, who has played football at a D1 collegiate level, it's a great book that epitomizes that being a champion applies to more than sports, but that the ultimate champion is one who relentlessly works to become better in ALL facets of life. Outstanding book for high school, collegiate athletes, business owners, and everyone else who wants to be a leader my example, not by the virtue of talk, because after all, talk is cheap' talk is very cheap. Would recommend to literally ANYONE WHO STRIVES TO BECOME NOT ONLY A BETTER PERSON, OVERALL, BUT WHO IS/WANTS TO BE A BETTER VISIONARY EXAMPLE, DIRECTING THE YOUTH TO BELIEVE AND SETTING THEM UP FOR SUCCESSFUL FUTURES IN ALL ENDEAVORS!45


Great book5 star

Urban Meyer lessons on leadership is outstanding and inspiring.55

Bum Phillips

Mr.5 star

I enjoyed this book very much. It was an easy read and I finished it very in just a few days. This book not only reviewed a championship season that I loved, but Urban has great leadership and team building principals that can be used in business and life.55

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