God of War: Fallen God #1

God of War: Fallen God #1 Summary

Can a man ever be free of his past? Can the tides of time ever wash away the bloody sands of sin? Or do transpired trespasses permanently and inescapably stain one's soul?

After conquering Zeus and thwarting Athena, Kratos believes himself to be finally free from his bondage. He sets sail for the desert in an attempt to distance himself from his home and his shame only to find his rage and guilt follow close behind. Kratos rages against the one foe that has proven to be unconquerable--himself. But a war against oneself is unwinnable, and only invites madness.

* An all-new tale, set between the events of God of War III and God of War (2018)!

Book Reviews

Sal Sierro

Ehhh3 star

The storyline is great of course. The dialogue is awesome. This is really short though and should only cost 4$ for all the issues collectively not individually. Hopefully the rest of the issues are not as short.35


God of war fallen god4 star

To short45


Not worth1 star

4 bucks for that many pages 👎15

Great game but fugedup

Great ground work5 star

I would wait for the second one you didn’t miss anything.55


Can’t wait to read more !5 star

I’ve been excited about this since the day it was announced and it definitely is loving up to the hype !55

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