House of Odd (Graphic Novel)

House of Odd (Graphic Novel) Summary

Could there really be such a thing as hell on earth? Odd only knows.
#1 New York Times bestselling maestro of macabre suspense Dean Koontz plunges everyone’s favorite spirit-spotting fry cook into his most frightening encounter yet, in the thrill-packed third Odd Thomas graphic novel.
Transforming a ramshackle mansion into a dream house has become a nightmare for onetime Hollywood producer Nedra Nolan, whose newly purchased fixer-upper in Pico Mundo has sent a string of spooked contractors scurrying off the job, claiming the place is haunted. Who’s she gonna call? Her friend recommends Odd Thomas, the mild-mannered young man with a gift for communing with ghosts who won’t rest in peace. With his soul mate and sidekick, Stormy Llewellyn, in tow, Odd agrees to investigate the eerie incidents. But his spirit-seeking style is cramped by the obnoxious TV ghost hunters Nedra hires to flush out the troublesome phantoms with elaborate gadgets . . . and a psychic cat.
As night falls and a raging storm traps them all in the mazelike manse, Odd tries in vain to scare up some lost souls. But instead, something more terrifying than any apparition—something with flesh, blood, and teeth—makes its sinister presence known. And with nowhere to hide, Odd and his fellow hunters suddenly become the prey.

Book Reviews

Depravious Rex

People quit complaining.3 star

I love a good graphic novel. People should quit complaining , it does say"graphic" Novel in the title. Graphic means pictures, photos, drawings. You know something graphic. Graphic Novels are not comic books, there is a difference. Unfortunately, to really see the difference you have to have the physical Media itself (actual comic or book in print form). Graphic novels are printed on better stock paper than comics. The difference between plain printing paper for everyday use and super high quality extra premium glossy stock. Thicker and more sturdy than most paper. Usually bigger (8x10 vs. 11x14 or something like that). And the artwork that is comishioned is usually one artist instead of a production line (sketch, ink, color). The art can be oil paintings, watercolors or even mixed media that had been photographed. The options are limitless and can be experimental. In comics the story is mainly told with pictures with verry little writing. No room for voice balloons. And hard to fit what you want to say in such little space. Graphic novels are more like heavily illustrated short stories. The story is usually word for word as written by the author, not condensed or reworded to fit space. Anyway graphic novels and comics and books can be better appreciated in print form as they were not designed for glass view screens like tablets. But they are still great. This is probably bad etiquette to mention someone else, but if you want to enjoy a great graphic novel. Look up "N" and preview the graphic novel version of the short story. The Prose version is great also. All love to Koontz. Peace35


House of Odd1 star

Glad I looked over the reviews, I was about to flop the 9.99 for a koontz BOOK til I read it was more of a comic. Comic novel or whatever you want to call it it is sort of misleading. Yes the fine print says it all but to those of us that go oh WOW a new Koontz thats not fair. just sayin.....15


Awful1 star

I do not want Odd Thomas as a friggin comic book , especially with illustrations as bad as these are . Gheez Dean what the he'll is this ? At least hire an illustrator that doesn't make Odd look like Shaggy from Scobby Do . Really upset I spent my money on this .15


Not into comic books1 star

But stupid me bought it thinking (wishing) it was a new ODD book. It is beautifully drawn. The story is sort of lame. Like I said, not into comics. Oh well, live and learn.15


Disappointment1 star

I agree with the other reviews, this was a disappointment because not only was it not a novel, the story wasn't even that great. I kept thinking the real story would follow, Dean Koontz always delivers but i was actually angry at the end. The comic drawings were good and there was an element of humor but I read it in 30 minutes and felt it was a waste of $. Guess I should of realized what "graphic novel" meant. Should not be the same price as his real novels.15


Loved it!5 star

Don't pay attention to those people who "didn't know" this was a graphic novel. It says so in the title. Besides it says it's the third one..Dean has written tons of novels, not three. This was bittersweet as we all know what happened to Stormy. I love that she is back for further adventures. Way to go Dean and Queenie!55


Odd??1 star

Thought I was purchasing a book in the "odd series". Got a comic book instead! Wishing there was a return button on my iTunes account! How dissapointing15


House of Odd1 star

Sure wish I had known more about my favorite author's 3rd book following a beloved Odd Thomas. I was so excited to start it, until the first chapter of pictures! Not a book but a comic. Totally bummed and a waste of money.15

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