Teen Titans Go! To Camp (2020-2020) #1

Teen Titans Go! To Camp (2020-2020) #1 Summary

The Titans are packing for camp…but not the same one as last year, because SOMEONE flooded the Hall of Justice with molten marshmallow.

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mc chuncky 5555

It’s bad title1 star

This book is not good it used to be until my child’s started using violence for fun yesterday my son got expelled bc he karate chopped someone in the head15

message from Collin

Dear writer’s Location: Canada5 star

This book is really good and I think you got the actions of the Titans perfect from the show, because. Robyn is always screening teen Titans go and beast boy is last and raven is well raven and in one episode the Titans go to cool school, and in another episode the Titans turn into ghosts and hunt the hive. From: Collin55

tshering lhaki

Nice but.....4 star

P.S it needs to be like in the T.V45

i did penoos last night

Great!4 star

Good but it was short also you need to buy some books to know the entire storyline!45


Liked it4 star

It was ok but short😝45

puzzle qween

Good book2 star

I like the book but it is way to short25

David Tran 👮🏽‍♀️

I like it5 star

I like this book is amazing I said55


This book is amazing5 star

This book is really good but some of them cost money which I don’t like because it amazing but you have to by some to know how the story goes55

hjh bh

Yeahhhhhhhhgh5 star



Good book5 star

It is a good book55

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