Electricity for Boys (1914), Illustrated

Electricity for Boys (1914), Illustrated Summary

Publisher's warning -- This book was originally published in 1914.  It does an excellent job of explaining basics of electricity.  It is also of historical interest.  But electricity can be dangerous.  The readily available tools and supplies of today differ from those common at the time this book was written. Before engaging in actual experiments or projects, you should consult an up-to-date guide, and not rely solely on the information you see here. With over 120 illustrations.  "A working guide, in the successive steps of electricity, described in simple terms... The author has adopted the unique plan of setting forth the fundamental principles in each phase of the science, and practically applying the work in the successive stages. It shows how the knowledge has been developed, and the reasons for the various phenomena, without using technical words so as to bring it within the compass of every boy. It has a complete glossary of terms."  127 black-and-white illustrations.

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