Always and Forever

Always and Forever Summary

When I left Dogwood Cove eighteen years ago, Ethan Monroe was nothing more than my best friend's older brother.

Over that time he went from the boy who played hide and seek with us, to the seriously hot, plaid-wearing, scruff-bearing, mayor of the small town we grew up in.

But I'm only back to figure out what to do with the run-down beachfront resort my estranged father left me in his will.

Not to fall in love.

The resort needs a lot of work and Ethan wants to help me restore it. He makes a tool belt look good and watching his muscles lift heavy loads is giving me ideas that go way beyond just friends. And if the heated, lingering looks he sends my way are any indication, the attraction goes both ways.   

Except I've got trust issues that can't be repaired with a hammer and some nails, and Ethan has his own secrets he's hiding.

Still, coming home could be the start of the life I've always dreamed of.

And Ethan could be the missing piece that puts my heart back together.    

Book Reviews


Refreshing5 star

Good from page one to the end. Thank you and I will be getting your next book too. Also, thank you for a good ending, so many books now just leave me on the edge of a cliff and that is so unsatisfying.55


Alas and Forever5 star

I loved the story, loved the main characters. The way the. Towns occupants came together tp help those needing help. The connection of those who helped. Such a great ending. Made me have so many different emotions. Loved this story. Thank you so much.55


Always and Forever5 star

Story of coming home and finding out much of your life has been a lie. This sweet romance shows the true meaning of coming home.55

Ma 317

Love5 star

This book really shows love after tragedy happens. Love happens in spite of our past Love happens after heartbreak. Love between friends is awesome. Friends becoming lovers filled with hot scenes even better55


Must read💯💯5 star

One of the best novels i have read and liked after ugly love Like its worth reading💯💯💯 This is and emotional yet romantic novel the best one until now55

Curl Up With Books

A fantastic summer read with all the swoon!4 star

I was immediately smitten with Summer and Ethan. They had easy chemistry and fun flirtation that had me smiling throughout the book. Your heart breaks for Summer as she discovers the truth about her parents. But the way she handles returning to Dogwood Cove and the inheritance of Oceanside Resort has you admiring her fortitude. Ethan knows how to bring the swoon. From his flirty comments to his instinctive need to help Summer, he is a dreamboat. I was twitter-patted when he insisted on taking Summer on a date before taking their chemistry to the bedroom. I am seriously crushing on the girl gang that Summer finds in Dogwood Cove. Mila was her childhood best friend and immediately brings her into the fold with Serena and Paige. I am looking forward to getting to spending more time with them in the next books. Fair warning, after reading this book, you will crave scones, muffins, and s'mores. And for a lover of sweets, I was not sorry about this. If you are looking for a heartwarming, summer read set in small-town Vancouver Island with a seriously swoony hero, then one-click this book. Edit45


Amazing love story5 star

Well Julia Jarrett delivers such a great romance. Friends to lovers is something adorable in my opinion and the way it is written makes you feel in awe. The development of the characters love story makes you want warm and fuzzy. The development of the characters gets was also very well written. Her stories get better as she continues them. I can’t wait to see who else will be in a relationship. Looking forward to the next series and the romance. Plus we get to read about a different island. Love it.55

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