Because You Are Mine Part II

Because You Are Mine Part II Summary


The red-hot romance between Ian and Francesca was ignited in Because You Are Mine—that which comes with the first look, the first caress. Now comes the first act of defiance that takes them one step further into forbidden desire.

Because You Are Mine, Part II
Because I Could Not Resist

A heated argument between Francesca and Ian leaves the impetuous young woman alone again, and free to do whatever she chooses, and with whomever she desires. She’s not about to answer to any one man—especially Ian. Until he catches her. As he takes her to his penthouse, the tension is incendiary. One thing is clear for both of them. Francesca must be punished.

Outraged and unbearably excited, the naïve Francesca loses whatever control she had. After all, Ian is too dominant a man to fight off. She did disobey him. She does deserve it. Francesca just never realized how much she wanted it. But when Ian discovers how naïve Francesca really is, he wonders if taking advantage of such innocence is going too far, even for him.

More to come… Don’t miss Because You Are Mine, Part III, available 8/14

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Don't do it!!!!1 star

Don't waste time or money on this! As stated in other reviews it is a fun story but not worth the 16.00 you will spend to read it :(15


Noble Complaint!1 star

The content of the story is well crafted. But, that being said, I find it totally irrational the way one awesome story has been fragmented and carved into sub-particles, being sold off into no more than a single chapter at a time. As a reader and a writer I find such an act appalling on every level; never should a good story such as this be presented to its readers in such a negative form! It's shameful! I find it doubtful that I will purchase the other chapters of what should have been sold as a single book!15

Block Reader

Because u r mine II4 star

The writer does an excellent job of bringing the characters to life and the tension between Ian and Cesca hot and steamy. I hate the waste of book pages. The is suppose to be 100 pages in the book but it stops at 70 pages so that we can read SlowBurn. Is the excerpt for Slow Burn in all the books? That's crazy. I just want to read this book. It's bad enough we only get 2 chapters per book. I would have preferred 3 books at $6 a book.45


Messing with the readers1 star

This is ridiculous. Just sell the book in its entirety. So lame!15

India Wantland

To Short1 star

There are eight books that make up one bigger book, each book only contains two chapters in it so in the end you have spent 16.00 for less than 600 pages a bit on the high side for what should be on book, if this was published as one book for 9.99 or less I would have rated it 5stars15


Not spending the money1 star

Story seems interesting enough but I am NOT spending $1 per chapter. The story is not worth that kind of money. I will not be buying any more chapters.15

Vicky Arnold

Like it, but...2 star

I liked the first part of the story and would really like to read more, but I just can't see paying a dollar a chapter. That's just crazy. Even 50 Shades wasn't that expensive. Maybe in the end she will put it all together for a normal price. Until then sorry I won't be buying any more chapters.25


Rip off1 star

Don't waste the money. It's like a dollar a chapter and it's an embarrassing rip off of 50 shades. I would recommend some of her other books though.15

Gracia Rivas

Copycat1 star

This Book is extremely similar to the trilogy Of 50 shades of grey. I would say is a replica made by an uneducated groupy. the character of Ian as a whole is not compelling. Its pretty sureal even if its fiction, i ,as a reader thought some scenes didnt make sense and why didnt she just made the 3 books into one? a lame pricing strategy? even the 3 books together woldnt make a acceptable size book. sorry but this waste of my time and money15

1 MAJOR Rip off

2biggest ripoff1 star

Not counting the badly written and typographical errors, this author and I use the word lightly as this person is not a writer but a con artist who will do anything to get money. The concept she is trying to "write " about is a complete plagiarism of fifty shade, badly written and here comes the part where her greed surpasses her lack of talent she is passing of a few pages as a book and selling it for way too much. Then she adds a few chapters of her next upcoming "book" What a farce, this person should not be allowed to sell anything she calls a " book" as she is nothing but a hack with no imagination and a con artist sure me trying to get Yur money. DO NOT BUY EXCERCISE YOUR RIGHT TO PUT THIS CON ARTIST OUT OF BUSINESS ms Beth Kerry if that is a real nameSHAME ON YOU15

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