Because You Are Mine Part IV

Because You Are Mine Part IV Summary


National bestselling author Beth Kery reveals a lover’s secrets—and more—as Because You Are Mine continues…

Because You Are Mine, Part IV
Because You Must Learn

From a luxury private jet to a daring tryst in a public museum to the intimacy of a luxury hotel, Ian and Francesca come together wherever the spark is ignited. But when Francesca disappears for a morning alone, she discovers an unexpected new shade to Ian’s character. Is it anger, jealousy, or something else entirely?

Stunned by the degree of Ian’s reaction, Francesca wonders why his whole life is ruled by discipline, order, and restraint. Only during passion does he show her the captivating depths of his soul. She’s willing to submit to desire, but having every move controlled is something she can never accept. Then Francesca begins to discover what it is that makes a man like Ian do the things he does…

More to come…Don’t miss Because You Are Mine, Part V,available 8/28

Book Reviews


Really?!1 star

I gave up after this. Too much money on a story not going anyplace. May as well just read the samples.15

India Wantland

Too Short1 star

There are eight books that make up one bigger book, each book only contains two chapters in it so in the end you have spent 16.00 for less than 600 pages a bit on the high side for what should be on book, if this was published as one book for 9.99 or less I would have rated it 5stars15

Seriously??? :(

Not worth it1 star

Not worth will spend $1.99 on 35-50 pages and after 7 or 8 mini-novels, you drop too much money for not enough book. Clever ruse by the author but not ok from a consumer's perspective.15

Jessy's Shameless

A bit annoyed with the promoting.2 star

I like the inserts....but why not wait till you had a full book instead of robbing people. $1.99 per freaken chapter. It's ridiculous. Not to mention 100 of those pages are promoting another book AND it's the same sample on every insert!!! I think we got it already from the first section. As far as the short chapters go, you know how to rob people. It gets interesting just as it ends which pretty much forces you to buy the next one and then that part ends super fast. It never really satisfies me. There's more similarities to Fifty Shades as well yet the writer seems to try not to show that it's a copy of it. Again, write a book and show consumers you value their loyalty rather then just their money.25


Just write the book3 star

It's a good read but it's annoying that you have to order/buy a few chapters at a time. Buyer write the full book and then sell it.35

Stacey Copeland

Annoyed2 star

Seriously, waiting week after week is getting old. I don't know who thought of this but it was not a smart idea. I love her books, but I am getting ready to ditch this series out of frustration.25


Really?2 star

I thought for sure this story would get better and's loosing it's appeal. I was disappointed with book 4 especially. 100 pages or less actually just isn't worth the $1.99. Maybe .99.25


Not worth it!1 star

Rather boring and uninteresting characters! I'm stopping at IV...15

AM Reader

Waiting.....4 star

The book is loosing some of its appeal having to wait week after week for a sad 100 pages. I don't see the point. You can't throw yourself into the book if it's going to take two months to finish it. I may give up.....already. Marketing mistake.45


Ugh!!2 star

Only because I've become obsessed with Ian, and wanting to know how this agonizing slow read will end, I keep reading. But I hate the fact that I finish the book in an hour and have to wait a week for the next chapter! If it was all in 1 book I'd give it 4 stars. Her other books (complete books) are really good though.25

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